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Designed for bench top or panel mounting the QTVC provides the ultimate in manual pressure control.

Two outlet (test points) and an inlet port all with Quick Test fittings allow the connection of both the pressure reference (ie an XP2i ) and device under test directly to the QTVC.

The balanced variable volume is ideal for floating the piston on a precision deadweight tester or setting a precise pressure on a high resolution digital reference. This volume valve is what sets this piece of equipment apart from any thing else – it makes calibration a breeze. You want 100.001 kPa, the QTVC achieves that.

The QTVC is best used with a nitrogen supply or instrument quality air. Just needs to be 10% over the highest pressure you wish to test.

Maximum pressure capability to 3,000 PSI / 20,000 kPa.

We have been using one of these in our lab for years for doing pressure calibration work around the 0.5 bar to 7 bar range. We have found it to be fantastic and very easy to use. A number of pressure calibration labs here in NZ are using this for pressure calibration work.

Product code: QTVC


QTVC-1MBA-6-3, QTVC-0000-0-0

Technical Information


Assembly QTVC Assembly
Gauge Adaptor 1/4″ female NPT x female QT, no check-valve, brass (QTHA-2MBO)
Hose Quick-test hose, brass hose ends, 6ft (1.83m) long (QTQT-HOS-6ft)
Hose Quick-test hose, brass hose ends, 3ft (92cm) long (QTQT-HOS-3ft)
Hose Adaptor 1/4″ male NPT x male QT, no check-valve, brass (QTHA-2MBO)
Pressure Range 0 to 3000 PSI / 0 to 207 bar
Vacuum Range 0 to 10’Hg / 0 to 254 mmHG
Temperature Range -18º to 54º
Construction Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Plated Steel, Stainless Steel
Seal Materials Buna-N, Delrin, Teflon
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions H: 15.65cm x W: 21.59cm x D: 18.75cm


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