nVision Intrinsically Safe Reference Pressure Recorder

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WOW! What a product. That is what we said when we first laid eyes on it back in Jan 09. The ultimate way to Visualize pressure, be it calibration or datalogging, the nVision is packed with features that deliver real benefits to anybody using it.

Be it calibration of 0.1% pressure transmitters with its removable pressure modules that have a delivered accuracy of 0.025% of reading. Or the ability to datalog 1,000,000 readings, then nVision can do it. Each nVision can handle two pressure modules, or one pressure module and one voltage/ current module or even a RTD module, the decision is yours on how your configure your nVision.

Each nVision module can be supplied with it very own calibration certificate, no need to calibrate the housing as all the data is in the module. Have a problem with a module or want to expand at a later date then just get another module. All this in small compact hand held ATEX certified unit.

You can even check your datalogging results while the unit is datalogging. Please click on the Technical info for more ways the nVision can visualize pressure. Please click on the options available tab above to see the ranges available; you will need to order the base as well as one or two sensors.

Have a read of the above article on the nVision pressure recorder.
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nVision Base Unit, Barometric, 0-3 bar module, 0-3 bar with Cal Cert, 0-10 bar module, 0-10 bar with Cal Cert, 0-30 bar module, 0-30 bar with Cal Cert, 0-100 bar module, 0-100 bar with Cal Cert, 0-300 bar module, 0-300 bar with Cal Cert, 0-700 bar module, 0-700 bar with Cal Cert, 0-1000 bar module, 0-1000 bar with Cal Cert, 0-30 psi module, 0-30 psi with Cal Cert, 0-100 psi module, 0-100 psi with Cal Cert, 0-300 psi module, 0-300 psi with Cal Cert, 0-1000 psi module, 0-1000 psi with Cal Cert, 0-3000 psi module, 0-3000 psi with Cal Cert, mA Module, mA Module with Cal Cert, RTD Module, RTD Module with Cal Cert

Technical Information

0.025% of reading accuracy on sensors below 30 bar.
Field replaceable modules: pressure, temperature, current and voltage.
Familiar, easy to use interface, requires minimal technical training.
Interactive real-time graphing of measurements indicates spikes or leaks.
Widest temperature compensation from -20°C to 50°C
ATEX/IECEx intrinsically safe.

Logs and displays 1,000,000 points at up to 10 readings/sec.
IP 67 (1m submersible up to 30 min)
Uses Crystal Engineering’s new CPF fitting system (leak-free and finger tight to 10K PSI)

Data log two sensors simultaneously at up to 10 readings per second.

What Can You Do With nVision?
Calibrate pressure transducers, switches, transmitters and gauges.
Calibrate natural gas correctors and flow computers.
Pressure relief valve testing.
Field datalogging of pressure and temperature.
Water hammer event.
Pressure leak testing.
Temperature monitoring and recording.
Pass/fail events for pressure bearing vessels such as gas cylinder, flow meter, etc.
Cavitation testing and much much more.

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