Our History

CPS NZ LTD is a company that is now over 25 years old, so has being doing business here in  New Zealand for a long time.  CPS initially  started out servicing dive gear and the manufacturing of custom pressure systems, CPS.

As CPS grew we moved away from the Scuba Diving market and got more into instrumentation.  We have always had a pressure calibration facility, this is the backbone to what we do and over the past 25 + years we have carried out tens of thousands of pressure calibrations so we really do understand pressure calibration.  We at CPS believe this is such a strength. WE use what we sell – So when you talk to us we know what we are talking about.

As our calibration business grew in the early years, we were asked more and more for replacement gauges and at this time we were offered the Nuova Fima agency for pressure gauges. Nuova Fima is a core part of our strategy and really assists our pressure laboratory.

CPS really changed direction again when we were approached by Crystal Engineering to represent them here in NZ.  The funny thing here is our Director Chris did nothing with it for 6 months – Took a while to see Crystal ‘As he says”  but one day it did click and now Crystal is our single biggest line. We are consistently one of Crystal’s biggest distributors for such a small country.

Just after this Chris was up visiting Crystal, He got talking to Ken Roberts ” the Canadian Distributor for Crystal”. Ken talked about a company called DHI  based in Phoenix , “You should go see them”.  Two days later Chris was visiting them.  This started CPS along the road to the laboratory setup CPS has now for pressure calibration.  By having such equipment, no other lab comes close in Australia or New Zealand.

A few Years later DHI was purchased by Fluke, Another fantastic opportunity for CPS which we took up and haven’t looked back since!

So CPS has developed into a company which is very much focused on the customer,  using the expertise learn’t in our lab to better service the needs of our customers.

Here is an interesting article about CPS and our managing director Chris Woudenberg, have a read.