Welcome to Qualer

First, what is Qualer? It’s calibration software that makes it faster and easier to manage your assets.

Qualer is the future of asset management for ISO 17025-accredited calibration labs like CPS and CCL. 

Using this cloud-based solution creates a quantum shift in business processes for calibration labs. It enhances communication, allowing everyone who has access to use the software at the same time. We use our section of Qualer, while others use their section — making it easy to share information when needed. Qualer securely manages this cross-connection of devices, certificates and other details, allowing everyone involved with each device to easily access the right information.

How Qualer can help you

Qualer helps take the hassle out of managing your equipment’s calibration. You’ll be able to manage all your devices on one easy-to-use platform. You can even manage equipment that’s serviced by different providers. 

– Manage the calibration of all your assets in one place.

– Easily see which of your devices are due for calibration soon, or which are overdue. 

– Schedule services for calibrations, preventative maintenance and repairs.

– See which of your devices have failed or passed. 

– Safely store your calibration certificates, and access or download them whenever you need to.

– See notes from our technicians, updated in real time.

– Compare your calibration results over time to observe any drift. You can even predict a device’s retirement before it gives you incorrect readings.

– Get reports on your devices, including your own alert notifications.

– Easily see the courier tracking information for your devices while they’re on route to you, without having to ask.

– When you’re ready to send a device in again, or you have a new asset that needs calibrating, you can easily create your own work order from inside your portal. That tells us your device is on the way, so we can let you know if it doesn’t arrive. It also schedules your device for calibration with us before you’ve even shipped it. 

– Add new devices we can calibrate for you.

And much more!

This is our biggest single software investment in 33 years. Like all new technology, it’s going to take some time to iron out the creases and ensure it all works smoothly, so please bear with us during this time. 

We had already spent more than five months implementing Qualer before we went live, and we’re confident the effort is well worth it — not only for us, but for our valued customers and partners.

We believe Qualer will change the way you interact with us, and that you’ll wish all your service providers were using Qualer. Think that’s a big call? Test it out and see for yourself.

Check out this presentation about Qualer to learn more: Qualer — The Quantum asset shift

How to get started with Qualer

If you’re using CPS/CCL to calibrate some of your equipment, you already have your own personal Qualer portal. We’ve set it up for you so it’s ready to go. If you haven’t already been supplied with your portal login details, please get in touch.

All the devices we calibrate for you have been loaded onto your Qualer portal, along with their most recent calibration certificates. As time goes by, all your calibration certificates will be stored here.  

Easily book your devices in for calibration, from your Qualer dashboard:

– Inside your Qualer portal, you’ll see a list of all the assets we calibrate and manage for you. 

– From there, you can create a work order for us in seconds by selecting the assets you wish to send us for calibration. 

– Once this work order is created, we’ll be automatically notified. We’ll then know to expect your devices and can contact you if they don’t arrive as expected. 

– Your work order can also become our quote to you, so you know the exact calibration cost before you send in your equipment. – This enables you to attach your purchase order and any comments you wish to advise us of before we undertake the calibrations.

There is one portal per company, but multiple people can have their own access, with the ability to see only the devices that are allocated to them. You can add team members who are not already in the system. 

We hope you love this new, streamlined way to manage your asset calibration. If you’d like more details about how to use your Qualer portal, please get in touch with us to request a tour.