XP2i Differential Digital Pressure Gauge

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Want to measure a pressure differential accurately but you just can’t find anything? Then the XP2i differential may be the way to go. Using the well-proven XP2i gauge to measure the differential pressure you can’t go wrong. It has the same 0.1% accuracy, as an XP2i so you know your measurements will be correct. You can even get it with dual line display so you can see the high or low pressure as well as the final differential pressure across the ports.

It has fully isolated pressure sensors just like the standard XP2i. So it can be used on nearly every process fluid.

You can even upgrade the unit to have datalogging as well.

For more information on these options please click on the Technical Information tab above.
Product code: XP2i Differential


XP2i – 2 bar DL, XP2i – 7 bar, XP2i – 30 bar, XP2i – 30 bar DL, XP2i – 70 bar DL, XP2i – 140 bar, XP2i – 200 Bar, XP2i – 200 bar DL, XP2i – 700 bar DL, XP2i-1000 bar DL, Additel – 2000 bar


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