63mm Stainless Body/Copper Alloy Internals Bottom Entry Low Pressure Gauges

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These 63mm capsule gauges are a very new addition to the ranges of gauges stocked by CPS here in New Zealand. Manufactured by Nuova Fima, so you know you are buying a gauge of quality, that will give you years of trouble free service. These gauges are designed for the measurement of gas pressures below 100 kPa, Above 100 kPa normal bourdon tube gauges like the Q2500 are used.

These gauges use a capsule movement instead of the standard bourdon tube type, so they are very suitable for low pressure gas use like natural gas or draft pressure measurement. Due to this type of movement they are not suitable for use with liquids. Click on the above technical link for more information about the capsule movement.

We stock these gauges in mbar but have the dials available for kPa and can swap them over for you if required, Please click above on the option link to see all the ranges available from CPS.

We can supply these gauges with an IANZ certificate if required please click on the link. Plus we also do them in 100mm diameter the CP4000 series .

Product code: CQ2500 Series


CQ2540: 0-60 mbar, CQ2541: 0-100 mbar, CQ2542: 0-160 mbar, CQ2543: 0-250 mbar, CQ2544: 0-400 mbar, CQ2545: 0-600 mbar, CQ2540K: 0-6 kPa, CQ2541K: 0-10 kPa, CQ2542K: 0-16 kPa, CQ2543K: 0-25 kPa, CQ2544K: 0-40 kPa, CQ2545K: 0-60 kPa


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