63mm Brass/Stainless Rear Entry Gauge

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This gauge has a sealed stainless steel case and is liquid filled. It is suitable for the harshest of conditions. This is a very popular pressure gauge and suitable for nearly all applications where you need a low cost but long-life 63mm gauge. Panel mounting with a U-clamp or a front flange is available. The gauge is standard with PSI/kPa dials on all rear entry ranges.The Q2500 Series is the ideal gauge for pumps, filters, air compressors, hydraulic systems, or any industry where you need a small, clear, easy-to-read, long-life pressure gauge.

Please click on the options available tab above to see the ranges we hold in stock, if you can’t see the range you require contact us and we will order (min order 10 units) in the exact range you need.
Product code: Q2550 Series


Q2550BP: -1-0 bar/inHg, Q2550KP: -100-0 kPa/inHg, Q2555KP: -30inHg – 160 psi/kPa, Q2557KP: -30inHg – 300 psi/kPa, Q2560BP: 0-1 bar/psi, Q2560KP: 0-100 kPa/psi, Q2562BP: 0-2.5 bar/psi, Q2563BP: 0-4 bar, Q2564BP: 0-6 bar/psi, Q2565BP: 0-10 bar/psi, Q2565KP: 0-160 psi/kPa, Q2566BP: 0-16 bar/psi, Q2567BP: 0-25 bar/psi, Q2567KP: 0-300 psi/kPa, Q2569BP: 0-60 bar/psi, Q2570BP: 0-100 bar/psi, Q2570KP: 0-1500 psi/kPa, Q2571KP: 0-2000 psi/kPa, Q2572BP: 0-250 bar/psi, Q2574: 0-400 bar, Q2574BP: 0-400 bar/psi, Q2574KP: 0-5000 psi/kPa, Q2575BP: 0-680 bar/psi

Technical Information

The Q2550 series is one of our most popular gauges so we have many options available:
ie. 3 hole front flange for mounting gauge into a panel.
Uclamp – similar to the 3 hole front flange but easier to mount.
Back flange. Used for mounting the gauge to the wall.
¼ BSPT thread is standard but we can do NPT and BSP – just ask.

Can supply the gauge with a red mark or even a Glass lens.
1/8 BSPT thread is also available.

We stock and extensive range of these gauges and can even supply custom gauges to your exact requirements with your logo and special markings just ask.

Gauge comes liquid filled as standard with Stainless case, brass internals and a plastic lens.
We can supply the gauge with a calibration certificate if required.
We can even repair and adjust these gauges if needed..
Gauge is suitable for pumps and filters and nearly every gauge application.
The full range is stock by CPS for immediate delivery.
Dial is plastic so will not handle high temperatures, we suggest rather using a P4000 gauge.


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