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New revised 3rd generation XP2i now capable of 32000 data points , push a push of a button and you can convert your new XP2i into a datalogger. Log data for up to a year!.

The datalogging XP2i is one great gauge; actually two gauges in one, with the push of a button you are able to convert a datalogging XP2i to a normal XP2i and back again. So you can do datalogging one day and calibration the next, all with the same gauge.

How they have done this is as follows: The firmware inside the XP2i is replaced with datalogging firmware so some of the normal XP2i functions have been replaced i.e. multi units, peak and valley hold etc. With these functions replaced and some tricky software you now have a datalogging gauge that can store up to 32000+ data points in four different modes. All within a few seconds of set up.

One of the greatest features of the datalogging XP2i is the ease of use, simple and quick and you are datalogging, with visual confirmation that the actual data is being recorded. Then at the end of the test just download the data with the software supplied and export it directly to excel for your use. Nothing is this easy.

All other features are the same as a normal XP2i. Already have an XP2i? We can upgrade it to a data logger at any time!

We also rent these – so give us a try.

Product code: XP2i


0-1 bar DataLogger, 0-1 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-2 bar DateLogger, 0-2 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-7 bar DataLogger 0-7 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-20 bar DataLogger, 0-20 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-30 bar DataLogger, 0-30 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-70 bar DataLogger, 0-70 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-140 bar DataLogger 0-140 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-200 bar DataLogger, 0-200 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-300 bar DataLogger, 0-300 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-700 bar DataLogger, 0-700 bar DL with Cal Cert, 0-1000 bar DataLogger, 0-1000 bar DL with Cal Cert

Technical Information

They are some real strong benefits in using a datalogging XP2i for your pressure logging work. As mentioned it uses some pretty cool software to turn a normal XP2i into a datalogging one.

So you get all the benefits of the XP2i as well as datalogging so you know the measurements your record are accurate and exact.

Each pressure measurement is time and date stamped (time is set from the computer you linked the gauge into). So when you export the data to to Excel you can see what time of day a certain pressure event happened. Did the water pressure peak at 3:12 am?

Also as the XP2i is temperature compensated you know that those readings taken at -5 deg one morning at 5 am relate exactly to the ones you did a 22 C at 3pm the next day.

We sell a lot of these dataloggers and have found them to be very successful so if you have a need to some datalogging then give a us a call and trial a kit. As we also rent these out nearly every day


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