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The Additel ADT 681 and 680W digital pressure gauges have the ability to real time log, what this means is when you have the gauge connected up to a computer the Log II Software communicates with the gauge and displays pressure readings in real time. So you can see what your pressure is doing in a visual graph. This is very different from the Crystal Datalogging software, which is remote logging and not in real time.

There are two versions one for the ADT 680W which is wireless and one for the ADT 681 which is not a wireless logger.

So this is an excellent solution for a hydraulic test bed or workshop hydrostatic device where you can have your computer near the item you are testing, so you can see the pressure directly on the gauge as well as a graphically representation on your computer. All readings are Time and date stamped as well as record the temperature.

This software is loaded up to your computer and after authorisation, you can use it with any ADT680W or any ADT 681 which is a logger. With the ADT 680W you can have more than one gauge logging at a time. Data can then be exported directly into Excel for your use. The software is quick to set up and very easy to use – Had it running in a couple of minutes on first install.

Download a 30 day trial version of the software via this link
just scroll down the page until you come across the 9502 Log II software.

log II download link
Product code: Log II


Log II Wireless, Log II Cable

Technical Information

A windows based computer is required to run the software and the gauge must be connected at all times for the datalogging to work.

Upon completion of the datalogging you can export the data into excel, based on all the data or just some of the data you choose.

Multiple runs cna be saved or just view , what ever suits you,  

You can set each gauge up from this software as well as start and stop the logging.

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