Stik Thermometer -50 deg C to 160 deg C

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The Fluke Stik Thermometer is a small compact unit suitable for onsite temperature testing and calibration. By having an accuracy of 0.05% of span you have an accurate thermometer which can be used in a dry block or liquid bath or just stuck in a hole. Nice easy to read display and and simple to set up via the keypad.

Each unit is ATEX rated intrinsically safe for those hazardous areas. Three different probe lengths are offered from 9 inches to 20 inches ( yes inches being American made) for the temperature range -50 to 160 deg ºC.

Datalogging is also an option which allows you to datalog temperature over time, but be aware this unit does not record the start and stop time but you do have the ability to enter this information before sending the data directly to excel. So you can combine the data from this with your XP2i Datalogging pressure results if required.

The software for downloading the data is simple to use and does work well, it’s really just an interface so no difficult software to learn and remember. We have a demo here at CPS so just let us know and we will send it out to you.

Each and every Stik thermometer can be supplied with its very own CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate so you know your measurements will be correct.

Plus we can supply these in a CPS protective carry case.
Product code: 1551A


1551A-9: 4.8mm x 229mm, 1551A-12: 3.35mm x 305mm, 1551A-20: 6.35mm x 508mm, 1551A-9DL: 4.8mm x 229mm Datalog, 1551A-12DL:, 6.35mm x 305mm Datalog, 1551A-20DL: 6.35mm x 508mm Datalog

Technical Information

Please refer to Manufacturers Data Sheet Here


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