IANZ Certification of plumbers gas manometers.

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By using our DHI PPC3 pressure controller we can carry out the calibration of your manometer quickly and accurately. Each item calibrated is issued with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.
Not a problem doing your 10 kPa, or less, range manometer.

So if you are in the industry of gas plumbing of testing or gas lines then you probably have  a digital manometer.  These manometers should be checked on a regular basis so to ensure the measurements you make are correct.

No good you making measurements or saying a system is fit for service when you equipment was fit to do the job!.

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Technical Information

We are registered by International Accreditation New Zealand to ISO 17025 standard.  What this means and sets CPS apart of others is that our procedures are checked, our staff are checked for competency, everything is checked. So you our valued customer can have faith in what we do and the measurements we make are correct.