IANZ Certification of Test gauges

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CPS can carry out the certification of your high accuracy test gauge quickly and accurately, using our DHI  pressure controllers or our very own pressure comparator. The pressure range will determine which piece of equipment we use for this calibration. We can do full repairs and adjustments on your test gauges to make sure they are within their specified accuracy.
We can undertake calibrations from below zero right up to 2000 bar (30000 PSI).
Turnaround is normally 2-3 days. Urgent calibrations can be undertaken if required for a small surcharge.
Each item calibrated is issued with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.

Click on the Technical information link for full details of the calibration of your test gauge as well as which piece of equipment we use for each particular calibration and our capabilities in testing.

Product code: Test Gauges

Technical Information

4 Bar to 1600 Bar or 400 kPa to 160000 kPa:
We use a range of special trimmed XP2i’s that has been upscaled to have a delivered accuracy approaching 0.02% of reading. better than many dead weight testers.

0.6 Bar to 4 Bar or 60 kPa to 400 kPa:
For these low pressure gauges we use the DHI PPC3 pressure controller. This is mainly used for high accuracy calibration and handles this type of work with ease. It has a delivered uncertainty of 0.008% of reading.

1600 to 2000 Bar or 160000 kPa to 200000 kPa:
For these ultra high pressures we use our highly accurate DHI PG7302 piston gauge. This has a delivered accuracy of 0.002% of reading. It is a complete overkill for this kind of work so handles it with ease.

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