7 bar & Vac Hand Pump

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The DPPV is similar to the DPOV pump but this pump does vacuum as well, so if you need to calibrate moderate vacuum through to 7 bar pressure then this is the pump for you.

Unlike the other hand pumps the test gauge is not mounted to the pump but lies on the bench. Using the micro bore Ralston test hoses to connect both the test gauge and the item under test to the DPPV, allows quick and easy generation of the required pressure.

Operation of the DPPV is simple. Just pull the piston out and push it back in to generate the pressure/vacuum and the other end is the fine adjust for those exact pressure settings. A selector valve is supplied to select between vacuum and pressure. So pressure generation and setting is quick and precise.

This pump is excellent for precise low pressure/vacuum testing work. If you don’t need to test in vacuum, then the DPOV will be more suitable.

Each pump comes complete with a 3 foot Ralston Quick Test Hose.

In our own testing we have found this pump to be very easy to use and great at setting exact pressures ie 7.021 bar without overshoot.

They are also simple to service so will give you very long life.

Product code: DPPV

Technical Information


– Hand Pump – DPPV Assembly

– Hose – Quick-test hose, brass hose ends, 3 ft (92cm) long (QTQT-HOS-3ft)

– Hose Adaptor – 1/4″ male NPT x male QT, no check-valve, brass (QTHA-2MBO)
Pressure Range                        0 to 100 PSI /  0 to 7 bar
Vacuum  Range                        0 to 23″ Hg  /  0 to 584 mmHG
Media                                        Air

Outlet Port1                              Male Quick-test, brass

Outlet Port2                              Male Quick-test with cap and chain, brass

Temperature Range                 -18 to 54º


Construction                            Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel


Seal Materials                          Buna-N, Delrin, Teflon


Fine Adjust Resolution           ±0.01 PSI / 0.069 kPa


Weight                                   0.8kg


Dimensions                            H:  9.2202cm x W: 21.59cm x D: 9.2202cm