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Fastcal is a Crystal Engineering designed software package for the calibration of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. It combines the CPS comparator as the pressure source, with either anXP2inVision or 33 series as the reference and the Software to communicate with the reference being used.

The software is easy to use and simple to set up. It allows for pressure calibrations to be done in less than 5 mins. It takes pressure calibration to the next level. By having a database for pressure calibration, it doesn’t matter who does the calibration, it will be done exactly the same way each time it is done.

When doing a transmitter it uses the Hart Protocol for communication so means even faster calibration of those transmitters.

Two IANZ registered laboratories are using FastCal for their calibration in the lab.
No other calibration software does so much for so little.

Check out the Crystal Video on a Comparator and Fastcal in Action
in here

The price includes ½ day set up and training.

Product code: FastCal

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