HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator

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The HPC40 Series Handheld Pressure Calibrator is the world’s first combined Pressure and mA Loop Calibrator which is fully temperature compensated from -20 to 50ºC.

A device with advanced simplicity – a unique “Non-menu” User Interface which anyone can operate and use to perform their tasks quickly and intuitively.

It’s a device for more than pressure – whether measuring current, voltage or temperature.

The HPC 41 is a single sensor and you can choose from any two sensors, from 2 to 1000 bar.

The HPC 42 is a dual sensor unit which allows you to choose any two sensors, from 2 to 1000 bar.

There is also the option of adding in an internal barometric sensor, which allows you to undertake absolute calibrations.

List of available pressure sensors is under the above technical tab. Each sensor uses the Crystal CPF fitting system which allows finger tight connections right up to 700 bar. A vast range of fittings are available to make your calibration jobs that little bit easier.

We have a demo unit so if you would like to trial the unit out and see how fantastic they are, not to mention easy to use then get in contact.
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HPC 41, HPC 42, Baro Sensor Option, PT 100 Probe, Protective Case

Technical Information

HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator is a full 0 to 24 mA loop calibrator which can measure and source (including step & ramp) with external loop power or internal 24VDC loop power supply. HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator also works as a Thermometer which works with RTD’s and CvD equations to obtain true temperature, based on “true-ohm” technology. You can count on the same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage or temperature.

Take measurements up to 0.035% of reading accuracy as HPC40 Series includes an ISO 17025 calibration report – NIST traceable and A2LA accredited. Gauge, Absolute and Differential Pressure to 15000 psi / 1000 bar / 100 MPa.

Intelligent memory slots – helps HPC40 Series Calibrator to store up to 5 screens (upper and lower windows) and hence can recall the previous stored settings for immediate usage.

The HPC40 Series Pressure calibrator does the SCALING calculation for you on a 4-20mA signal. It also does the % Error Calculation of pressure vs.mA error as a % of the 4-20 mA loop span. When testing a pulsating pressure signal, use DAMPENING feature to smooth out measurements. HPC40 Series is perfect for safety valve testing with the MIN/MAX of 10 readings per second.

Zero temperature effects: Pressure and milliamp readings are fully temperature compensated. With the 30 series, temperature will not affect your accuracy as it checks the temperature of its internal circuit board and its pressure sensors, constantly correcting itself – 0º C (32º F) to 50º C (122º F).

HOC40 Series Calibrator is simply advanced with terrific feature which blows us away: 1. APM and Temperature Connection: Connect to an external APM to expand pressure options or RTD to read temperature. 2. “Wireless” Keypad: To give you maximum freedom to operate. 3. Mini-USB port – so you can customize the free CrystalControl software. 4. Function Buttons – Clearly defined in the bottom of the display. 5. Cursor keys – to navigate through the display to perform certain functions. 6. CPF pressure connections – Patented leak-free, finger-tight CPF connections. 7. Colour Display – Large colour display with advanced simplicity of new user interface.

2, 3, 7, 10, 20, 30, 70, 100, 200, 300, 700 and 1000 bar range pressure sensors are available.


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