IANZ Certification of High End equipment

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We have the one of the lowest uncertainties in New Zealand so can undertake a full calibration of your calibrator and/or modules from absolute pressures right up to 2000 bar. Using air/Nitrogen or oil.

Typical turnaround is 1-3 days. Each item calibrated is issued with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate. We are also able to do software updates and can communicate with most of them for remote calibration to give even higher accuracies.

We at CPS have invested heavily in recent years to now have three pressure controllers and one piston gauge, in a recent interlab comparison between labs in Australia and New Zealand, CPS came out as the number one lab with the lowest uncertainties. Which means for you our customer is that you know with the upmost certainty that your measurements you make with equipment calibrated by CPS is right!.

All this is backed up with regular IANZ audits where we are always commented on by the Auditors ” CPS is the top lab in NZ”.

Product code: CPS HE

Technical Information

Since 2005  we firstly purchased a Fluke PPC3 pressure controller which allows us to calibrate instruments from absolute to 70 bar, This piece of equipment has a delivered pressure uncertainty of 0.008% of reading.

 What does this really mean.  Well  it means that when your certificate says say 1000 kPa, it means that the pressure of 1000 kPa  could actually fall between 999.92 and 1000.08 kPa , which is dam close to 1000 kPa.  So you know that the pressures being applied to your instrument are the closest to true pressure for any lab in New Zealand and Australia.  Bold statement you say. Yes it is, But we have done a lot of work to achieve this.

A couple of years ago we brought another Fluke pressure controller for pressures around zero in positive and negative pressures.

Then in 2011 we brought another one for pressures between 70 bar and 700 bar.

What this gives us is the ability to carry out calibrations at accuracy levels no other lab can achieve.  Plus with Fluke, Crystal, Druck and Beamex  we get to take over a 1000 pressures readings for each test.  So your calibrator gets a full workout.  Again giving you confidence in what you do.