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Crystal Control is like the engine of your nVision. With this free software, that comes with your nVision, you can review the data that your nVision has recorded, Set up your nVision for your next recording how ever you want it and you can even store profiles for different types of tests. This software is very extensive in what it can do. Like Config XP it allows you to adjust your nVision if that is ever required.

The nVision is not just a datalogger or calibrator – it’s both! The Crystal control software helps you set up your nVision to be what you want it to be on the day you want to use it.

Software like this is what really sets Crystal Calibrators and gauges apart from the rest, no other manufacturer offers such capabilities. All the software is extremely easy to use, you are only a few clicks away from making your instrument exactly what you want it to be.

Product code: nVision Control

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