IANZ Certification of Backflow test kits



CPS can carry out the testing of your backflow test kit using a Air Volume controller connected up to a XP2i digital gauge. We also have parts and service kits for these test kits and can carry out adjustments and repairs. We can also supply new back flow test kits complete in a case with a calibration certificate.

Turnaround is normally 2-3 days. We do have a rental unit for your use while doing the calibration just ask if you require it.

When we calibrate these test kits we take special care at pressures of 7 and 35 kPa to ensure accuracy at the pressure you are working at.

CPS is also a member of ‘Water NZs’ Backflow special interest group so we can keep abreast of changes in this very important market.

Each item calibrated is issued with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate, so you know the test you do are correct.

Product code: CPS BK

Technical Information

For these backflow test kits we test them on air using our 2 bar XP2i high accuracy digital pressure gauge.

We test 7 points on the downscale ensuring 7 and 35 kPa are within the accuracy of ± 2 kPa.

We also do a leak check of the bypass valves to ensure it is not leaking.

Plus we can replace you hoses or just the seals in the end of the hoses.

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