IANZ Certification of Process Meters

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With the advent of our office in New Plymouth we have expanded out calibration capabilities to include the calibration of process meters using a Fluke 8508A ultra high accuracy multimeter.
There is no better meter on the market – this is the gold standard when it comes to multimeters so we use a Fluke 5502A as the source and the 8508A as the reference. Equipment like this is what is used to build your instrument – only a couple of us in NZ have such a meter.
So allows us to calibrate and issue your Process meter with a full IANZ endorsed calbiration certificate.

To find out a price for CPS to calibrate your process meter search via the drop down box above, devices which include pressure internally the price shown is for a full calibration which includes pressure and all the electrical functions.
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Fluke 787/789, Yokogawa CA 12, Yokogawa CA 11, Yokogawa CA 150, Fluke 717/718/718, Fluke 713, Druck DPI 811


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