IANZ Dry Block Calibration

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Dryblock Calibrations

Cal Dry Block 1:
Calibration of the dry blocks internal reference using our reference probe in your dry block.

Cal Dry Block 2:
Calibration of your dry blocks external reference in our equipment – the most accurate.

Cal Dry Block 3:
Calibration of your dry block using our reference in your dry block comparing your external reference and also doing same spatial tests up and down the dry block’s well to ensure it is still meeting its specification for uniformity. Not just a calibrations but a full function test as well.

Cal Dry Block 4:
Calibration of dry block as per option 3 but we also calibrate of of its electrical functions, especially important if you are using the process functions of your dry block, mA, RTD and TC measurements
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Options Available

Cal Dry Block 1, Cal Dry Block 2, Cal Dry Block 3, Cal Dry Block 4

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