IANZ Thermal Imaging Camera Calibration

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The Calibration of Thermal Imaging cameras is very new for CPS, We were one of the world’s first laboratories to be ISO 17025 registered for the calibration of thermal imaging cameras.

So if you use a Thermal Camera we offer a testing service where we test the accuracy and function of your camera against known temperature sources.

What this really gives you is peace of mind that you know that the measurements you make are accurate.  So when you go out on site and do your own testing how do you know you camera is making correct readings.

You may say accuracy is not important, you are probably correct but you are offering a service and getting paid for it so investing some money in knowing your camera is doing what is should do, gives you confidence in what you do.

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Technical Information

Please contact Chris at CPS for any technical questions you may have regarding Camera Calibrations.

We have been audited by International Accreditation New Zealand to perform calibration checks on thermal imaging Cameras along with that we used the services of Industrial Research to help us with this service.

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