IANZ Certification of MultiFunction Process Calibrators

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This is where it all started for CPS to expand into electrical calibration, especially the Beamex units. We had been doing a few of the Beamex’s but only for pressure, but as the branch in New Plymouth came on line it expanded our thinking. “We need to get into being the total calibration solution” So from a phone call from Paul, lunch with Kirsty, the same day we ordered the Fluke 8508 high end multimeter, that was the easy bit! Being IANZ registered for calibration of these devices is difficult to say the least – but if it was easy everybody would be doing it – CPS isn’t into easy.

Getting into the calibration of such high end equipment as the Beamex MC6 and the Fluke 754 is something special, that equipment is accurate and like a lot of what we do for pressure calibration.
Companies rely on CPS making good measurements. That is why we are the only IANZ registered laboratory that can calibrate say a Beamex MC5 or MC6 and issue a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate for all their functions.

Each multifunction calibrator is put through an extensive calibration checking all the functions, we can even tailor the calibration to suit your exacting requirements if needed – just ask.

To get an idea of what it will cost to have your device calibrated take a look at the above drop down box and find your calibrator. These prices are a complete calibration with an IANZ endorsed calibration report. No hidden charges with CPS, these prices include any minor accuracy adjustments that may be required to trim your device to get the best performance from it.
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Jofra ASC 400, Fluke 725/726, Fluke 743/744, Fluke 753/754, Beamex MC2 Electrical Only, Beamex MC5 Electrical Only, Beamex MC6 Electrical Only, Beamex MCx-2 Pressure Sensors, Beamex MCx-3 Pressure Sensors, Druck DPI 620, Druck TRX, Druck MCX, Yokogawa CA 71, Yokogawa CA 150, Martel MC 1200

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