One thing that does set us apart from other pressure calibration labs is our ability to undertake all sorts of repairs and adjustments to all makes and models of gauges. We have dials, needles, lens, cases, etc to assist us in returning your gauge back to working order.

As we have undertaken in the excess of 50000 calibrations in the past 30 years we know a fair bit about pressure gauges enabling us to undertake all repairs and reconditioning of old gauges. We can tell quickly if a gauge can be repaired or replaced and we won’t charge you for doing this. All gauges repaired are checked for operation of accuracy before being sent back to you. With our workshop facilities we can undertake welding, machine drilling or whatever is necessary to return your gauge back to service.

The combination of the CPS comparator and the XP2i’s allow us to quickly pressure test your gauges and understand what is happening to your gauge. Just send them up and we evaluate them and let you know what it will cost to adjust and calibrate them.
This service is great if you have a box of gauges that you are not sure if any are good or not. We will only charge you for ones that we can fix, no charge for failed gauges.
Product code: CPS

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