IANZ Certification of Pressure Modules and Sensors

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Many process calibrators out on the market also have internal and external high accuracy pressure modules and this is where CPS sits itself apart from the rest. We can do it all.
With equipment which is sometimes better than the manufacturer used to make the gear. Being the Fluke calibrator partner for New Zealand we have access to all this high end calibration equipment for pressure, temperature, electrical and even flow! Our 3 calibration labs are full of Fluke’s calibration equipment, just for calibrating your calibration equipment.
So this allows us to calibrate all your pressure modules as well as all the electrical functions with uncertainties that is sometimes better than what it was made too.
So this means we do a completer calibration on your whole instrument here at – CPS.
To see what it will cost you to get your pressure module done for your electrical calibrator use the above drop box and find your device, if it is not listed get in contact with us.

Most of these prices are just for the pressure module of your device, some devices have just one internal pressure module and those have been priced. For a complete calibration price for the pressure side and all the electrical functions back up a page and look for your device under Process Meters or Multifuntion Process Meters.
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Crystal XP2i, Crystal nVisions 3 to 30 bar, Crystal nVisions 100 to 700 bar, Crystal IS 30, Fluke Modules, Beamex Modules, Druck Modules, Fluke 718, Fluke 719, Crystal nVision Baro, Druck DPI 620 Modules

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