700 bar Pressure Comparator

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Our Technical Director designed the CPS comparator back in the mid 90’s. Initially for in house work it grew to be an integral part of our calibration toolbox. The CPS comparator is used extensively by CPS for in house checking of gauges and also for onsite calibration work. “The main benefit of this comparator is how quick it can calibrate a number of different range gauges” says Chris Woudenberg from CPS. There is nothing on the market that can ramp up a 300 bar gauge, check full scale and back to zero in less than 30 seconds (nothing!).Then do a 16 bar gauge just the same but quicker.

You can do a full check on a gauge very quickly, see if it’s accurate over a few points, check zero and span as well as check the general operation of the gauge all in under a few minutes. By utilizing any of the range of digital gauges we stock this comparator makes for a full gauge checking system for pressures up to 700 bar/10,000 PSI. When combined with the Crystal designed CPF fittings, you really do have a complete leak free calibration system. Which is easy to use and even easier to service.

CPS Ltd designs and builds the GaugeCALXP comparators in New Zealand.

Please check our range of hand pumps and digital gauges that can be used with the comparator.

Click here to read a very interesting application for a comparator.

Product code: CPS


700 bar Comparator, Pelican Travel Case

Technical Information

Maximun Pressure 10,000 PSI / 700 bar
Minimum Pressure 5 PSI / 0.5 bar
Maximum Pressure 400 in H²O / 995 mbar
Sensitivity 0.01 in H²O / 0.025 mbar
Burst Pressure >20,000 PSI / 1400 bar
Ram / Adaptors 316SS
Body Anodized Aluminum
Seals (standard) Buna N (Nitrile)
Seals (Skydrol-compatible) EPDM
Test Media Water, Oil or Air
Width (of base) 175mm
Length (of base) 429mm
Length (overall) 495mm
Weight 6.4kg
Base 1/4″ NPT


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