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One of the things that happens at CPS, is that we get a number of calls from people that have been told to ring CPS for help.

So just last week we got a call from an engineer at a local plastic extruding company wanting to test their pressure transducers on their plastic extruders. These transducers measure the pressure of the melted plastic as it is being forced through the extruder. So these transducers work at pressures up to 700 bar and temperatures in excess of 300 C. So they are a bit of a special and come complete with a male ½ NF thread! These are quite unique in the pressure industry.

So I went and visited the company with our very own CPS comparator and a special adaptor I had made up a few years back. After a 5 min tour around the production facility, I knew I had the perfect solution for them.

Ten minutes later I was demonstrating the setup to our contact and his boss. The comment came out, “We have been looking for a solution for years, we are one of 52 plants around the world and we need to test these transducers from a safety point of view”.

“What, just checking, not calibrating?” I commented.

He went on, “Pressure isn’t as critical as temperature is. What we need to ensure, is that the pressure in the extruder is not excessive which could cause the extruder to explode and hurt the operator. All of our plants throughout the world have been told to carry out these safety inspections – You have just found us a solution. We can use this comparator to verify that the reading they are giving, are correct, so we know our extruders are working safely.”

So I left the comparator with them and they took photos and sent information to all the other 52 plants!

What I thought was a pressure calibration demonstration turned into being a safety meeting.
The first one has been delivered now, it will not be the only one.


Further details on the New Zealand designed and manufactured CPS comparator can be found here .

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