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CPS Lab News

Kiwi’s show up the Aussies (again)

We may be one of New Zealand’s biggest pressure calibration labs, but when we partook in an Australia-New Zealand inter-laboratory comparison we did not expect to come out on top. Twelve pressure labs (7 Australian; 5 NZ) tested a Fluke RPM4 Digital Pressure indicator and submitted their results with best possible uncertainties, and we were surprised to discover CPS Labs had the lowest uncertainty factor of all labs that participated. Basically this means we were the best pressure calibration facility across all these labs.

I guess this is not that surprising considering CPS Labs has strived to keep up with developments in pressure calibration instrumentation. Over the past five years CPS has purchased three additional automated pressure controllers, and two High Accuracy Piston Gauges. This is a big advancement on the one dead weight tester we started with back in the late 80’s (which is now probably better at home in a museum). Our pressure lab is housed in a specifically built, insulated room, and also houses Five pressure comparators for the testing of industrial gauges (one specifically for oxygen service gauges), one for calibrations in the 1000 to 2000 bar range. As well as the new Fully Automated Dead weight tester.

If are interested in visiting our Lab and seeing the latest in high end pressure calibration equipment then do contact me.


More information on the Capabilities of CPS labs and what else we calibrate can be found here. We undertake Relief Valve testing, and the calibration check on Infrared guns and Infrared Cameras.

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