Out with the old, In with the New.

Out with the old, In with the New.

I got a call recently from a local aircraft charter company which has been using CPS for the last few years for its pressure calibration work. The difference with this call was they wanted to reduce the number of gauges they used for testing and maintenance work on their aircraft. They also said their auditor now wanted all their gauges to be calibrated by CPS , which was going to cost them a lot more money each year. So after listening I recommended a couple of M1 gauges to replace all their mechanical gauges.

As the M1 is a percentage of reading accuracy just like the XP2i, it makes the perfect gauge for such an application.

After they got these gauges I went out and visited them, as I had an idea about using Ralston fittings on each M1 gauge, and also have opposite of each fitting on their test tool. So each gauge can be fitting within seconds to the test tool required. These fittings are set to revolutionize pressure calibration, – if you haven’t used them then check them out here. They are a simple, leak free fitting connection system. It will make your job easier.

So the customer reduced from having 11 gauges to worry about to just two and one of them was oxy clean for testing oxygen gauges. This ability to replace so many gauges is due to the percentage of reading accuracy that these fantastic gauges have. One gauge covers a large range of applications.

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