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One of the product lines which I’m responsible for here at CPS is our line of flow meters from Vogtlin. They are a high-end, Swiss-made range of thermal mass and variable area flow meters and controllers for gas and liquids.

Recently I have been talking to the people in the Air Force oxygen instrumentation workshop wanting to replace their range of seven old ball-in-glass flow meters with seven new, calibrated units.

Their requirements were for ranges from 0.1 litres/minute (l/pm) to 700 l/pm. Variable area flowmeters typically have such poor accuracy and small scale range, it made perfect sense to upgrade their meter type to something a little more sophisticated.

One of the really great things about Vogtlin thermal mass flow meters is the negligible affect media temperature and pressure fluctuations have on accuracy. Plus of course thermal mass meters have a far greater accuracy than variable area flowmeters, therefore it is possible to have a much wider measurable range on one meter.

I was able to show the client how only three thermal mass flow meters could replace all seven of his variable area flowmeters, and not only would he have greater accuracy but they would also save considerably by only needing three annual calibrations as opposed to the seven they currently had to get. Quite a cost saving in the long term.

End result, our client now has three simple-to-use and easy-to-read, Vogtlin “Red-y Smart” flow meters which they can have total confidence in knowing the readings are accurate. Read about these great meters here

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