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As we approach the end of 2013, it’s time to reflect on the past year. For CPS it’s been quite a journey.


I spent a good portion of the first few months setting up our new, fully-automated, Dead Weight Tester to do those ultra high-end pressure calibrations. Then we set up a new CPS Lab in New Plymouth for temperature and pressure calibration. Add an IANZ technical audit in there as well. But we didn’t stop there!

We have since expanded our calibration offerings to cover electrical calibration – focused on process calibrators and meters like the Fluke 789, 725, Beamex MC series, loop calibrators and so on. The work involved in getting us ready for another IANZ technical audit has been massive for New Plymouth Lab Manager, Paul and Nathan. Two IANZ technical audits within the year. Surely the way to give yourself a headache or two!

So what do these audits mean? CPS is now able to undertake full calibration on your process calibrator regardless of the brand. We have the ability to calibrate all functions and do it quickly. CPS really is your ‘one stop shop’ for pressure, temperature and electrical calibrations (to support the calibrations you are doing).


Because CPS is owned by Kirsty and myself, we don’t report to corporate bean counters sitting behind computers overseas. We run CPS very differently. We are continually investing back into CPS. That may sound silly but the bottom line is – we stock stuff. Our accountant says we have too much stock, but our belief is that you can’t buy it unless we have it. Your down time just isn’t profitable.

During 2013 we doubled our stockroom size so we could house the thousands of gauges we stock. We believe it’s the largest range in New Zealand! So if your current supplier keeps saying 6-8 weeks for delivery – give us a go. Most of the gauges we stock can be seen on cps.co.nz complete with prices.


 If you are into pressure calibration, take a look at this blog about our calibration connection fittings. These will save you time and are definitely worth the money. These fittings connect your pressure source to your device under test and your reference – without tools or thread tape. Quick and easy. Check it out.


 We’ve increased stocks of all sorts. We now stock a complete pressure range of 4-20 mA pressure transmitters (manufactured by Nuova Fima). These are a compact, general purpose transmitter. They complement our pressure gauges and, at only $245.00+GST each, are good value. Find out more about connection options available.


Since my last newsletter, I have written a few more blogs. If you want an amusing read, take a look at this one. It’s about the time my girlfriend came to visit CPS for the first time and I… well, have a read here.


You may know that in the middle of the year we installed a bunch of solar panels on the CPS Auckland roof. Since May we have generated over 4.5 MWh, so the inverter has been humming. When the sun is shinning these inverters make a bit of noise. Take a look at the latest real-time generation figures.

Well that about wraps up the year so far. So, I wish you a great Christmas and I hope you get a break over this time. If you need the services of CPS during the holiday period just give us a call on 09 636 4999.

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