Replacement Insert

We recently had a customer send in a Druck DPI 610 pressure calibrator with three external modules for calibration.

This unit had a nice hard case to protect it, but had cheap pick and pluck foam as the insert which was falling apart. It’s quite common to find this – an expensive bit of equipment with a good quality hard case but with a cheap foam insert that doesn’t do the job. Pick and pluck is fine for a while, until the cubes come apart at the perforations from wear and tear. This is just becomes a mess of equipment and foam squares!

As you may know we offer cases and custom inserts with our new equipment, but we can also make replacement inserts for customers that have their multifunction calibrators calibrated with us annually.

So if you have a unit that is being calibrated and would like a custom insert made or even a new case talk to us as we just do it for free for you!

This is what we did for the Druck and it’s external modules. It now has a hardy foam insert with polypropylene top that can be easily wiped clean. It’s also very easy tell if anything is missing from the kit. Take a look at these pics and see what we mean.

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