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Calibration of 8 year old XP2i Digital Gauge

Calibration of 8 year old XP2i Digital Gauge

Just completed the 9th Calibration of a 30 bar Crystal Engineering XP2i gauge. What surprised me about this particular calibration is that this gauge is over 8 years old and has been rented out in excess of 100 times during this time. This gauge has been abused and dropped. I’m sure it’s done a hell at lot of work and is still going strong after 8 years. But what really blew me away are these results, have a look at the graph! It’s over ten times more accurate than its rated accuracy.

The greatest correction was 0.2 kPa in 3000 kPa , basically this tracked my PPC3 pressure calibrator pretty well exactly up and down both times. I see this in new gauges, but this is the best I have seen in a old gauge that has such a hard life. We all know Rentals can always do more.

Red lines are Manufactures specifications for the XP2i, the Blue line is increasing pressure readings, The Green line is decreasing pressure readings for the gauge.

Further details on the range of XP2i Digital pressure gauges can be found by clicking here.

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