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The Additel 761 is a very nice piece of kit. We have been using one for low pressure onsite work for a number of years now and it works a treat, impressed on how easy it is to operate and how quick it is to generate pressure or vacuum. Not to mention how stable when it gets to the set pressure.

All you do is type in the pressure value you want using the keypad and push enter and the 761 goes off and finds your required pressure be it +900.000 mbar or -500.000 mbar. The unit we have is a low pressure unit so perfect for very low pressure calibration work around zero and up to 1 bar. We use it extensively for calibration of gauges and transmitters for clean rooms.

All models have two inbuilt sensors – Click on the options tab above to see the ranges available.

All units can have external pressure modules which can be read by the 761, which allows you to expand the capability of the 761. The 761 will read the pressure and you just generate it using one of the hand pumps or comparators.

So if you do a lot of low pressure work and occasionally go into higher pressure then the 761 could be your answer. Just ask to borrow our demo unit. You will be impressed.

The 761 has a number of optional modes of operation for testing pressure switches or calibrating pressure gauges or pressure transmitters. Perfect for onsite as it’s battery powered!. Not to mention Hart communication for those transmitters.

This is fully portable light weight unit which generates it’s own pressure without any external pressure source or effort.

Each ADT761 is supplied with it’s very own CPS high accuracy calibration certificate for both pressure modules as well as all electrical functions. All this included in the price. Buy one and we will probably do the calibration for free after a year, Just say you read it here.
Product code: ADT761


761-LLP: -2.5 to 2.5 kPa, 761-LLP: -2.5 to 2.5 kPa, 761-D: -93 to 100 kPa, 761-L: -93 to 700 kPa, 761-M: -93 kPa to 26 bar, 761-H: -93kPa to 40 bar, 761-LA: -93 to 700 kPa & 12 to 800 kPa A, 761-MA: -93 kPa to 26 bar & 12 kPa to 27 bar A, 761-HA: -93 kPa to 40 bar & 12 kPa to 41 bar A, 761-BP: 10 to 120 kPa A

Technical Information

The 761 can come complete with its very own CPS manufactured carry case. So perfect for that onsite work. Inside the carry case is a very nice pressure manifold which is just fantastic for the calibration of pressure gauges.

If your process is not very clean I would suggest using liquid traps. The 761 can handle liquids but prevention is always better than a service. This liquid trap goes between your item under test and the 761 so any dirt or oil sucked back from your item is held in this trap for later removal.

The ADT761 works very well with the range of Ralston Quick test fittings and hoses, making for a complete calibration solution.

Further detailed specs can be found by clicking on the below link.

The -1 to 1 bar unit has the sensor for that range but also has a -25 mbar to +25 mbar sensor, so perfect for pascal calibration work. Trust me it works a treat.

The -1 to 7 bar has a -1 to 2.5 bar sensor and a 0-7 bar sensor inbuilt into the unit, so covers the range from -1 to to 7 bar with ease.

The -1 to 25 bar is the same as the -1 to 7 but the 0-7 bar sensor is replace with a 0-25 bar sensor so covers up to 25 bar.

There are more ranges available right up to 40 bar with internal sensors and then for higher pressure work you have a selection of external pressure sensors to choose from.


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