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The XP2i is the ultimate digital gauge, there is nothing else on the market that comes near to it!. Hundreds are in use in New Zealand and we at CPS have been using them in our calibration lab for over seven years with fantastic results; one is even in use as an Interlab Comparison gauge between IANZ-registered pressure labs in New Zealand.


These gauges can be upgraded to dataloggers with a simple firmware upgrade, we do these as a complete datalogging kit. Check them out.

Due to the great design of these gauges they can handle horrendous overpressure without any damage. At CPS we have taken 7 bar units to 70 bar without any damage at all. Try that with any other brand of gauge and see what happens.

Each XP2i is designed to handle a 4 meter drop onto concrete so it will handle those knocks and bangs with ease.

We supply a great number of these gauges with our very own CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificates which gives you confidence that measurements made with your XP2i will be correct. A number are coming in now for their 10th calibration – without adjustment. Showing that these gauges have very little drift over time, making a fantastic calibration or test gauge.

These gauges are so good that we have supplied many 700 bar units with a 70 bar cal cert as well, Yes you can use a 700 bar unit down at below 10% of its range.

Not convinced yet that these are the best digital gauges on the market then read this article.

If you’re interested in the XP2i why not rent one as a trial?

Please click on the options available box above to see the pressure ranges we stock (and prices) – we stock them all here at CPS for immediate delivery – We can even deliver same day with a calibration certificate if required – just ask.
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0-1 bar, 0-1 bar with Cal Cert, 0-2 bar, 0-2 bar with Cal Cert, 0-7 bar, 0-7 bar with Cal Cert, 0-20 bar, 0-20 bar with Cal Cert, 0-30 bar, 0-30 bar with Cal Cert, 0-70 bar, 0-70 bar with Cal Cert, 0-140 bar, 0-140 bar with Cal Cert, 0-200 bar, 0-200 bar with Cal Cert, 0-300 bar, 0-300 bar with Cal Cert, 0-700 bar, 0-700 bar with Cal Cert, 0-1000 bar, 0-1000 bar with Cal Cert

Technical Information

The XP2i is our ultimate gauge, a great success story for both CPS and crystal. We have seen this gauge evolve into a fantastic gauge, there are hundreds out there in the New Zealand market place and we just keep selling them!

In early 2009 the XP2i was upgraded to be IP 67 rated (new case design) so it will handle getting wet while testing those pipelines.

The XP2i has many options, like rear entry; panel mount; datalogging and even Fast Cal calibration software which uses our pressure comparator as the pressure generation device.

The pressure sensor is fully isolated so can be used on fluids compatible with 316 Stainless Steel. It will also handle pulsing pressure with ease and you won’t damage this gauge due to over pressure either. If you damage the gauge due to overpressure we will replace the unit free of charge. We are that confident you can’t mess them up!

The XP2i is extremely easy to use, no menus – just push buttons for the functions you want, There is even Config software which allows you to configure your XP2i to be what ever you want it to be: turn off pressure units, remove peak hold, adjust the gauge, make a special pressure unit like for tons and Kilo newtons and more.

Unlike lower cost gauges you will not damage this gauge if you drop it 2 meters onto concrete, the case and stem won’t break. They are very robust gauges. The sensor is not held in with a grub screw like other gauges but an impressive holder that is connected to the case so even if you do drop the gauge you will not damage the sensor.

XP2i gauges are now supplied with the special Crystal Pressure Fitting “CPF“. The gauge now has female CPF instead of 1/4 NPT male, this allows you to have any thread you want for your XP2i without using an adaptor. Each gauge is supplied with a 1/4 NPT male adaptor as standard but check out the range of other CPF fittings. Damage this adaptor and just replace it – no more throwing the whole gauge away when the thread is destroyed.
This CPF range also allows us to connect to the Ralston fittings with ease – Great for those calibration kits and pumps we also supply.

Like other Crystal products the XP2 is also a percentage of reading device which means at a certain pressure the accuracy is of that pressure where other gauges are of full scale.

Lets take a 100 PSI XP1i gauge at 40 psi the worse the gauge could be accuracy wise would be 40 PSI x 0.1% – 40 PSI +/- 0.04 PSI which is pretty good. Now lets say the gauge was a full scale device so at 40 PSI it would be 100 PSI x 0.1 = 0.1 PSI
So 40 +/- 0.1 PSI. So at the same pressure the XP2 is over 2 times more accurate than the of full scale device of the same range. Only Crystal gauges do of reading devices, the benefit of this is the useable range is extended – it’s like having 5 gauges in one.

Add in temperature compensation and no other gauge comes close.

Temperature compensation is a function where the gauge measures the sensor temperature and compensates for it, as temperature affects the accuracy of all gauges digital or mechanical. Crystal gauges takes this into effect and adjusts the reading based on models to what the actual pressure should be. This is a big advantage, NO body else does this is such a small compact gauge. Allows for even higher accuracies.

Also like other Crystal products the XP2i is underrated, we at CPS can say with confidence that the accuracy is far better than 0.1%, we even up spec our own ones to 0.06% of reading accuracy. We do this for many clients.
We have done hundreds of calibrations on XP2i’s this is how we know they are that good. Compare with any other gauge on the market nothing comes close!


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