Special CPF Fittings

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The range of CPS and CPF special fittings allow you to connect up in some special way.

There is one for our Comparator which adapts from the comparator to female Crystal Pressure Fitting (CPF) , this then allows you to use the range of special CPF fittings, and the CPF -CPF fitting which then connects to the range of Crystal references and the new APM pressure reference for the APC 400 multi function calibrator. This is the perfect pressure fitting connection, hand tight oring seal to 700 bar. Does away with thread tape and tapered threads which do wear over time.

There are also caps for the male end of the CPF fitting system so you can cap off a hose or fitting as required, plus a female CPF to female CPF for connecting two hoses together.

All these fittings are stocked by CPS for immediate delivery.
Product code: Special CPF


MPM: M-M CPF-CPF Adapter, MPF: F-F CPF-CPF Adapter, GC: GaugeCalXP Adapter Plate, PLUG: Male Plug, MPF-Cap, MPF-MPFTU: CPF Female Union Tee

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