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The Greisinger GMH 3750 is the big brother to the GMH 3710, so if you want the ultimate hand held reference thermometer, priced under a thousand bucks then take a serious look at this. The GMH 3750 still has all the same benefits as the GMH 3710 but with the added feature of datalogging so you can record those measurements and down load them later to your PC. Just push the record button and the current temperature reading being displayed with be stored internally. 99 Data sets can be recorded.

Custom Curve fit is the next other cool difference between the two units, this allows us to use the GMHKonfig software to calculate new coefficients and upload them to the 3750, this allows the probe and 3750 to pretty much match our reference probes across the calibrated range. The GMH 3750 is now well within its accuracy specification.

Just like the 3710 you have a selection of PT 100 4 wire probes to choose from. There are probes with a protection sheath to give you even higher accuracy and high shock resistance. Or even a insertion probe to push into soft media.

Each 3750 can be supplied as a calibrated system, complete with our own IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.

Each 3750 is supplied complete with is very own soft protective case or get one of our Systems which is a complete calibration kit in one of our very own Custom Cases. The perfect temperature calibration solution.

So if you want a good quality reference thermometer then look no further, this is the one for you.

Further Technical Details on the GMH 3750 can be found under the above Technical Tab. Or the accessories tab for the probes
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GMH 3750, GMH 3750 + GTF401 1/3 Din, GMH 3750 + GTF401 1/10 Din, GMH 3750 System 1, GMH 3750 System 3

Technical Information

System 1 is for general temperature measuring work and has a system accuracy better than +/- 0.4ºc it’s suitable for taking accurate temperature measurements. Comes complete with GTF 401 1/3 Din Probe, Carry Case and a 5 Point CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate, across the range of 20 °C to 150 °C. If you are doing temperature calibration and want this to be your temperature reference i.e. for use in a liquid Bath or Dry Block then look at System 3. This will give you the highest overall accuracy. This is the one to choose as a reference thermometer.

System 3 comes complete with GTF 401 1/10 Din probe, Carry Case and a CPS 10 Point calibration across the range calibration from -20 °C to 200 deg °C.

The above systems are a special offering from CPS, where we supply a complete temperature calibration kit in a strong robust case. You get the 3750, either one of two probes, carry case and a CPS IANZ endorsed 5 or 10 point calibration. All this for less than buying each item separately. Save up to $120.00

To protect your Greisinger thermometer we offer a selection of protective cases.
The universal case is a case with protective foam with no cut out for your meter, great case for storing your thermometer and probe along with a few other little things.

If you want a bit more protection then there are two other options. The custom case small and custom case large, these have cut outs for the 3710 or 3750, this stops your meter moving around in the case. The larger one allows you to store some extra bits and pieces along with your meter.
But if you want something designed and built exactly to meet your requirements and to give the ultimate in protection then contact us as we manufacture a range of custom cases check them out here.
These cases use custom cut foam to protect your devices.

We can do special temperature calibration points for both systems just ask.
Also check out our temperature calibration capabilities here.

Under the Options Available tab above you will find pricing on the above systems as well as just the meter and a selection of robes.

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