The Total Calibration Solution

The Total Calibration Solution

The complete calibration solution for process calibrators and multifunction process calibrators is a very new discipline for CPS, its a combination of our already proven, high end pressure calibration service with our new electrical calibration capabilities.

This has come about due to Paul and Nathan at our New Plymouth office. As you can have the best equipment in the world – but you need the best people in the world to make meaningful measurements from such equipment.

As many devices handle pressure measurement as well as electrical source and/or measure at high accuracies. It made sense to us to expand our capabilities to offer you our customer, the total calibration solution.

For the pressure calibration of their highly accurate pressure sensors , standard Dead Weight testers just don’t cut it anymore – The sensors are not made using Dead Weight testers they are made and calibrated by pressure controllers and Piston Gauges which give a higher accuracy (and lower uncertainty) over a wider pressure range and some are temperature compensated so to give consistence accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range.

We believe to get the best performance from your calibrator, it should be calibrated annually by a company with such equipment – CPS is such a company – We have invested Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in recent years in pressure controllers and Piston gauges to support your calibration equipment – check out further details here.

To compliment the pressure calibration side and to offer the total calibration solution we recently invested in a Fluke 8508A reference multimeter, this is at the top of the calibration pyramid as far as multimeters go. The low drift and high accuracy of this multimeter gives us real confidence that the measurements we are making are of the highest order.

This gives us the capabilities to ensure that your process calibrator is accurate and making correct measurements.

Due to the amount of work involved in the calibration of this type of equipment our turn-around is 1-2 days for a simple loop calibrator and process calibrator to 4-7 days for a Multi function process calibrator like the Beamex MC6.

Like all our other calibration services this new service will also come under our IANZ terms of Registration – We believe 100% in IANZ and the work they do to us its like each and every customer of ours having their own auditor inspecting us each and avery day. You can have confidence that by CPS being IANZ registered you can have confidence that the calibrations we are doing are correct.

Technical Details on our calibrations and further information on all our calibration services can be found here

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