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Well, another financial year has passed and we’re pleased to say it has been a successful one for CPS. We’ve had sales growth across the board, especially in calibration services and calibration equipment. Adding to this growth, is CPS New Plymouth which opened in the middle of last year, and is trucking along very nicely. One of the projects Paul and Nathan dived into quickly was…

IANZ Registered for Electrical Calibration

We obtained our IANZ Electrical Registration so CPS is now fully registered for the calibration of process calibrators, process meters and other electrical equipment. It has been a massive achievement for Paul and Nathan to obtain this in such a short time frame, (as commented on by the IANZ Auditor). This is a big extension to the equipment CPS is now able to calibrate. Be it loop calibrator, process meter or process calibrator, we can calibrate it. As many of the process calibrators out in the market incorporate pressure, it makes CPS the one-stop calibration shop. Beamex, Fluke, Yokogawa, Crystal and the list goes on, we can calibrate them. Download our latest IANZ terms here. Electrical calibration and temperature calibrations are both carried out at CPS New Plymouth.

CPS New Plymouth Open Days

For two days, 15 and 16 May, our New Plymouth office will be open for all to come and see what we are all about. Fluke Australia will be onsite with the Fluke range of Process Calibration Tools as well as Fluke Calibration Equipment. This is an opportunity for you to take see and try out some of the latest calibration equipment from the likes of Fluke, Crystal Engineering, Ralston Instruments and Meriam. The lab will be fully operational during these two days, demonstrating our new Fluke 5202E Electrical Calibrator and our 8508A for the calibration of your process calibrators and meters. 

There’s a BBQ from 3pm Friday 16, so if you come along you might even see me cooking?

Further details on the the Open Days please click here.


Check out this article from Saturday’s New Zealand Herald on one of our customers, Williams Warn, who manufacture a personal brewery that makes award wining beer. Stunning design with high-end quality Nuova Fima gauges supplied by CPS.

Check here to view the video


Every now and again its time for me to brag. CPS was recognised recently by Fluke Australia as having the highest overall sales growth across all Fluke Distributors in Australasia for 2013. We Kiwis have dealt to the Aussies again. To be recognised like this gives us a real sense of achievement and confirmation that  CPS is on the right track as a market leader.

Product offering expansion

Recently we added Meriam Instruments to our product lines. Meriam are specialists in pressure and flow especially in pressures below 1 bar, be it differential, absolute or just standard gauge pressures.

One product we are very excited about from Meriam is their Hart Communicator – the 

MFC 5150. This is comparable in function to the Emerson 475 Communicator.  We have a demo unit and these are priced from only $7,500.00 + GST. This unit directly reads your Devices Descriptions (DD’s), has extra-long battery life and no subscriptions. And all the units we will be selling into NZ will be ATEX rated for Hazardous Area use. Click here for more information.

This adds to our pressure and electrical calibration equipment so you can set up your transmitter with the 5150 and then calibrate it using our gear.

Help us and


As you may know, I invented this Comparator in the 1990’s and sold a load of them to Crystal Engineering as the GaugeCal XP right up until last year. Sadly some great things do come to an end, and Crystal now make their own unit.

So we have taken the opportunity to re-invent the comparator, now in ‘Go Fast’ red –  just one of the changes. 

But for us to re-launch this onto the world stage we need a new name. So far, we have been unable to come up with a suitable name. The best we have so far is ‘CalP Evo’, but that hasn’t pushed all the buttons here at CPS. So we are asking for your help. Make a name suggestion and if we choose the name you suggested, we will give you a $500.00 House of Travel Voucher or $650.00 donation to the charity of your choice. (If the chosen name was suggested by more than one person, the first person to suggest it will receive the prize). So get those thinking caps on and reply with your ideas.

Full details on the CPS Comparator can be found here.

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest newsletter. If you have any comments or questions on any of the articles above just reply to this email and I will come back to you.


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