Threaded Relief Valve Testing

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CPS is registered for the testing of relief valves up to 4 inch in size, up to 1600 bar of pressure, we have the capabilities to undertake IANZ endorsed tests of all makes and models of Valves from very low pressure to over 1000 bar.
We can test using air or water and are mainly setup for the testing and certification of small relief valves. Each valve is returned lockwired, with a Tag and an IANZ endorsed test report stating your required set pressure. We can undertake repairs and servicing as necessary. Onsite testing of relief valves is also available if required.

Recently this has been a growth business for CPS especially with the addition of Herose valves to our product line, complementing the relief valve testing service as we can now supply an extensive range of German made Herose relief and safety valves.

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Our Herose Relief Valves < 2 inch, Relief Valve < 2 inch

Technical Information

At CPS we have a number of methods for the testing of relief valves. Our main method is our own purpose built test rig for pressure from 0 to 70 bar using air as the medium. Connected to this is a special Dual line XP2i which allows CPS to see the Pop pressure as well as the correct line pressure which shows us if the valve hasn’t resealed, this gauge is connected into the main supply line so it also reads the pressure as the air is being supplied to the valve.

For pressure over 70 bar we use our own CPS Comparator using water.

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