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Polymer Seals or plastic seals are used where you need isolate your process fluid from your pressure gauge or pressure transmitter, and where Stainless will just not do. They are a very simple but effective design and have large displacement so work exceptionally with transmitters on long capillaries.

We offer the range of Marquest polymer seals made from a variety of materials to suit those harsh chemicals.

We can even supply them complete with capillaries as required.

Please click on the Technical information tab above so you can see the models and options like thread size, diaphragm and body material.
Product code: Marquest


S1010: PVDF body teflon diaphragm 1/2' NPT inlet x 1/2' NPT outlet 300 psi max, S1011: PVDF body teflon diaphragm 1/4' NPT inlet x 1/4' NPT outlet- 250 psi max, S1020: PVC body Teflon diaphragm 1/4' NPT x 1/4' NPT 250 psi max, S1021: PVC body Teflon diaphragm 1/4' NPT Instr x 1/2' NPT Process 250 psi max., S1022: PVC body Teflon diaphragm 1/2' NPT x 1/2' NPT 250 psi max.

Technical Information


S1010 has a PVDF body with a Teflon Diaphragm and 1/2 NPT Female for both ports so can connect directly to say a P4000 pressure gauge.

S1011 – Same as S1010 but with 1/4 NPT female ports so can connect directly to the P2500 gauges.

S1020 – Has a PVC body with 1/2 NPT ports again can connect directly to the P4000 series of gauges. With Teflon diaphragm.

S1021 – Has a PVC body, Teflon Diaphragm, with 1/4 NPT gauge connection so suitable for the P2500 gauges but comes with a 1/2 Female thread so a little larger on the process connection side.

S1022 – Has 1/2 NPT female ports with a PVC body, Teflon diaphragm so again suitable for the P4000 gauges.


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