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SMS seals are another type of Diaphragm seal used in the food industry these have a special male thread and seal with a gasket.

We stock both sizes of the SMS seal here at CPS and normally them to our P4000 all stainless gauges.

We do see a number of these seals that the diaphragm is ruptured but the gauge is okay so we can replace the seal for you and use your gauge – no problems.
Product code: SMS


S210: 2' Male SMS seal, S220: 1.5' Male SMS Seal

Technical Information

The filling of diaphragm seals is not a difficult process but it can’t be rushed; basically the air is removed (by applying vacuum to the external of the gauge) from the inside of the bourdon tube of the gauge and replaced with a fill fluid eg Silicon Oil or cooking oil (in the case of CPS). The more air that is removed the better the fill will be. Because air is compressable any residual air will affect the accuracy of the gauge and reduce the life of the seal. Have too much air left behind and the thin stainless diaphragm in the seal will try and compensate for it and start to flex too far backwards and forwards as the pressure changes. The diaphragm will work harder and crack and fail and you will loose the fill fluid into your process. So it is important that your fill fluid is compatible with your process. So be aware of suppliers offering the filling of seals in a couple of hours. We evacuate our system overnight to ensure there is no residual air.

So if you have a special application that requires a special fill just contact us we are sure to help.


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