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These stainless steel flanges are used for mounting the gauge to a wall of the outside of a panel.

The QBF is a wall mounting system for our Q2500 and P2500 gauges. It is pushed on by CPS and allows for a gauge to be mounted to a wall or panel.

The PBF is a wall mounting system for our P4000 and Q4000 series gauges. The flange is welded on by CPS when you order the gauge. It allows you to mount the gauge to a flat service like a wall or panel and still be able to connect up to the gauge. The flange is made from 303 Stainless Steel so is fine for outdoor use.

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QBF: Back Flange 63mm, PBF: Back Flange 100mm

Technical Information

The QBF is made from 316 Stainless Steel and is pushed onto the rear of the gauge by CPS. It can be fitted onsite with a little effort. This mounting flange is used for when you want to mount 63mm gauges to a wall or stand. It has 3 x 5mm mounting holes for the mounting bolts. It also has a cut-out for the bung. It is 85mm in diameter.

The PBF is made from 303 Stainless Steel, it is suggested to have a blow out hole in your panel to ensure that if the gauge is over pressurized then the pressure can be released through the back flange. The PBF has a hole that lines up with the blowout bung in the P4000 and Q4000 gauges.

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