Gauge Snubber

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These snubbers are designed to protect pressure measuring instruments from pulsating pressure applications. Sudden pressure changes are damped before they reach the sensing element, protecting it from high stress. This makes easier reading and helps to protect the life of the instrument.

They work by forcing the pressure/flow through a restriction either by the porus matter or by an adjustable orifice.

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Product code: SN Series


SN100: Brass Oil 1/4 NPT M/F, SN101: Brass Oil 1/4 BSP M/F, SN102: Stainless 1/4 NPT M/F, SN130: Brass 1/2 NPT M/F, SN131: Brass Oil 1/2 BSP M/F, SN132: Stainless Gas 1/2 NPT M/F, SN180: Stainless Needle 1/2: NPT M/F

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