63mm All Stainless Bottom Entry Gauge

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The P2500 Series gauge is the smaller version of our P4000 Series gauge. The sealed case and liquid filling makes it suitable for the harshest of conditions. The addition of the liquid filling extends the life of the gauge by reducing internal vibration as well as reducing the likelihood of penetration of water and/or dirt. The gauge is standard with bar/PSI, kPa and PSI/kPa are available on special order, as are different threads. Wall mounting is also available.
We can even do a version that has a removable front bezel which allows for those zero adjustments if required.
If you need a rear entry version of this gauge please check our P2550 series.

We can supply these P2500 gauges with a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.

Please click on the options available tab above to see the ranges we hold in stock, if you can’t see the range you require contact us and we can order (min order 10 units) in the exact range you need.
Product code: P2500 Series


P2500BP: -1..0 bar, P2500K: -100 to 0 kPa, P2510BP: 0-1 bar/psi, P2510K: 0-100 kPa, P2511BP: 0-1.6 bar/psi, P2511K: 0-160 kPa, P2512BP: 0-2.5 bar/psi, P2512K: 0-250 kPa, P2513BP: 0-4 bar/psi, P2513K: 0-400 kPa, P2514BP: 0-6 bar/psi, P2514K: 0-600 kPa, P2515BP: 0-10 bar/psi, P2515K: 0-1000 kPa, P2516BP: 0-16 bar/psi, P2516K: 0-1600 kPa, P2517BP: 0-25 bar/psi, P2517K: 0-2500 kPa, P2518BP: 0-40 bar/psi, P2518K: 0-4000 kPa, P2519BP: 0-60 bar/psi, P2519M: 0-6 MPa, P2520BP: 0-100 bar/psi, P2520M: 0-10 MPa, P2521BP: 0-160 bar/psi, P2519K: 0-6000 kPa, P2522BP: 0-250 bar/psi, P2524BP: 0-400 bar/psi, P2525BP: 0-600 bar/psi, P2526BP: 0-1000 bar/psi


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