Multifunction Process Calibrator



The Additel 222A series is the next generation of process calibrators, incorporating some of the latest technology to help you do your job more accurately, faster and with less tools. Sourcing and simulating electrical signals as well as the ability to measure temperature and pressure via the optional external ADT 160A pressure modules.

The 222A series feature a large 3.5 colour TFT dual reading display, allowing you to see what is being sourced on the top ½ and see what is being read on the bottom ½ of the screen.

Each 222A sold by CPS is delivered with it’s own CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate. Showing all the results from a full CPS system calibration of all functions. You can use this calibrator straight out of its CPS custom case and know that the measurements you are taking are correct and traceable, not to mention just right.

The 222A series also has the ability to be used as a task based documenting process calibrator. This allows you to generate tasks internally or externally using the Acal software. When using the Acal software you create the tasks (in Acal) and upload them to the calibrator, then carry out your calibrations. Recording the DUT readings directly back into the 222A either automatically, or in case of a more simple device manually.

When you are finished calibrating just upload the results (as well as screen shots) back to the Additel Acal software, or simply download them into Excel via the Additel Land software which is a free download. Both software packages allow you to do calibrations quickly and more accurately.

The Acal is a complete calibration software package giving you asset management and task scheduling and so much more.

Check out both software packages via the links to the right, for more technical information on the 222A series please click on the Technical Information tab above.

Product code: ADT222A

Technical Information

Each 222A has a built in conversion tool, no need to use a calculator to convert from bar to PSI.

Extra long 3 year warranty so you know you are buying something of quality, each year just send your 222A back to CPS for a full system wide calibration to make sure you are still making accurate measurements.

The 222A series are very lightweight, so easy on your back!, well easier on your hands they only weighs 700 grams. The 222A is also very rugged so more than suitable for your onsite calibration work.

Each 222A has a replaceable/removable battery, giving you ultra long life (in excess of 15 hours) and the ability to have a spare for those extra longs days, the battery can also be charged outside of the unit.

One unique feature of the 222A is it’s cold reference junction, which is removable. You can disconnect the PRT element with it’s extra long wires, place it in a ice bath and compare its reading adjust your ice point. Probably something we are going to do for you each year, but good knowing it can be done with ease. Additel have been thinking when they designed the 22x series. As it is menu driven, just like your smart phone.

Switch test function has the ability to check the opening or closing parameters of pressure switches and if you are using an external pressure module it makes this job easier and a hell of a lot quicker.


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