Handheld Automated Pressure Calibrators -0.86 to 20 bar

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The Additel 760-MA is the last member of the Additel 760 series hand held automatic pressure calibrators. The world’s first hand held automatic pressure calibrator, what does that actually mean, well it means it’s a fully automatic pressure generation and electrical reading device. When connected and wired up to a pressure transmitter it can undertake the calibration for you (while you play on Facebook or flick through Instagram). Nothing is easier or more accurate. No time wasting pumping hand pumps trying to get stability or overshooting the mark as you decrease the pressure and then having to pump up again, or twisting that fine adjust knob trying to set exactly 1400.00 kPa so you can trim the transmitter to output exactly 20 mA.

Being dynamic control is does something a human can’t, it senses and controls the pressure continuously on the fly, making changes to the output to compensate for any slight pressure changes due to a small leak or adiabatic pressure effect, thus speeding up your calibrations as well as giving you more accurate and stable pressure calibrations.

These are also fast as well, taking less than 90 seconds for the 760-MA to generate pressure up to 20 bar. They are also unbelievably stable they will blow you mind in how stable they are.

When undertaking a fully closed loop calibration, the results from the calibration are stored internally in the 760 and then can be uploaded to the Additel Acal calibration software, nothing is easier. If you still wanted to record the results onto paper you can just step through the calibration points manually at your own pace. Allowing the 760 to do what it does best, setting and controlling a stable set pressure quickly and accurately. Up to 250 tasks can be pre programmed into each 760-MA when you have the logging option.

The Acal software is a task based calibration management solution. You set up the tasks you wish to carry out, then upload them to the 760 and undertake your calibrations in no time at all. Upon completion of all your calibrations download the results back to Acal.

The 760-MA has a multitude of replaceable internal pressure modules available right from 70 kPa through to 2500 kPa, gauge mode and negative gauge mode. Yes each 760 works in vacuum mode right down to -86 kPa. Plus having the extra benefit to be able to work in absolute mode, with its internal barometer measuring the current atmospheric pressure.

So choose the range of internal sensor that will cover the bulk of your work load or the highest pressure you will see and then get any further sensors if required (which can be swapped out with ease) for the rest of your workload. If you have pressure calibration work higher than 70kPa take a look at the other two 760 models which go all the way up to 20 bar. There is even the 761 which goes up to 40 bar.

Ranges available can be found using the “Options Available” tab above. This is also a complete list of all the internal pressure modules available, so if you need an extra module choose the range from this list and give us a call to complete your 760 calibration solution. Internal modules which are suitable with the 760-MA are available via the link off to the right.

Another option is if you only have a little amount of work outside the range of the ADT760-MA is to look at the range of Additel 160A series of external sensors, which connect directly into the side of the 760-D. Now you will need a pressure generation solution, check out our range here or give us a call and we will work through a solution for you, as we have an extensive range of hand pumps and comparators to choose from.

Each 760 comes complete with a CPS IANZ endorsed ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate. Where we calibrate all the electrical functions as well as the internal pressure module.

We can even supply the 760 in its very own CPS Custom CNC cut foam carry case, perfect for onsite work and for the safe shipping of your 760 back to us each year for calibration.

Don’t forget the range of Ralston fittings that work perfectly with this 760 to complete the total automated pressure calibration solution. Nothing is simpler – A 760 will make your job easier and allow you to do more quicker than ever before.

Do you have Hart enabled pressure transmitters and need to edit or trim them?, then look no further as there is a model of the 760-MA-DL which is Hart enabled, this model also has datalogging, so now you really have a toolbox in the palm of your hand. Up to 1 million readings can be recorded with the 760-DL, which we think is going to be enough. This data can be downloaded using the free Additel Land software , check it out via the link to your right.

We have a demo ADT760-MA , give us a call and we will send it to you to try out for a few days.
Product code: ADT760-MA


-12.5 to 300 psi (-86 to 2000 kPa) CP 300 A, -12.5 to 300 psi (-86 to 2000 kPa) CP 300 A, -12.5 to 300 psi (-86 to 2000 kPa) CP 300 A DL, -70 to 70 kPa CP10 Sensor A, -80 to 100 kPa CP15 Sensor A, -86 to 200 kPa CP30 Sensor A, -86 to 250 kPa CP35 Sensor A, -86 to 350 kPa CP50 Sensor A, -86 to 700 kPa CP100 Sensor A, -86 to 1000 kPa CP150 Sensor A, -86 to 1400 kPa CP200 Sensor A, -70 to 70 kPa CP10 Sensor DL A, -80 to 100 kPa CP15 Sensor DL A, -86 to 200 kPa CP30 Sensor DL A, -86 to 250 kPa CP35 Sensor DL A, -86 to 350 kPa CP50 Sensor DL A, -86 to 700 kPa CP100 Sensor DL A, -86 to 1000 kPa CP150 Sensor DL A, -86 to 1400 kPa CP200 Sensor DL A

Technical Information

The Additel 760-MA is a compact lightweight hand hand pressure calibrator which you can hold in the palm of your hand or hang it as it undertakes the pressure calibration for you. Be gauge, negative gauge or differential pressures and absolute.

It has its own internal pressure pump which generates pressure up to the set pressure and then maintains a stable pressure while you take the reading from the DUT, or in the case of a pressure transmitter is will read the loop current and record the applied pressure and the measured current.

It is very fast in pressure generation so allowing you to to do those zero and span adjustments to get those transmitters trimmed quickly and as accurately as possible.

Have two and really see your work load through put go through the roof.

It is also fully modular i.e. you can strip it down to its components in a matter of seconds, allowing you to clean the pump module or replace it with ease if ever required. This is one well designed machine.


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