Crystal XP2i Configuration Software

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This is one thing that sets the XP2i apart from nearly every other gauge on the market.

The Config XP Software’s an easy to use interface between you the user and your XP2i. It allows you to set up your XP2i exactly how you want it, (remove unwanted pressure units, custom configure a pressure ie, tons, Ft lbs, kgs and more.) You can disable and enable any button and enable averaging and PSV mode for relief valve testing.

All this via this free download.

Software like this is what really sits Crystal Calibrators and gauges apart from the rest, no other manufacturer offers such capabilities, All the software is extremely easy to use, you are only a few clicks away from making your instrument exactly what you want it to be.

We can also supply the RS 232 cable as well, there is a version for the Crystal 30 series as well.

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Product code: Config XP

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