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CPS test kits are a combination of a reference device, a pressure source, connection hoses and fittings in a protective light weight carry case made into a compact and portable testing solution. By combining our calibration suppliers you get the total solution, like what we use in our own lab and for our own onsite calibration work.
Running New Zealand’s largest pressure calibration facility gives us extraordinary experience in pressure calibration, The equipment selected for these test kits we know it to be the best otherwise we wouldn’t be using them. Remember we use the equipment we sell, every day doing dozens of calibrations.

This is not just a calibrator with a pump and then you need to try and connect up the pump to your transmitter with some swagelok fittings and a bit of plastic hose. This is a calibration tool box ready to use when you receive it. Which is fully serviceable and repairable. When you buy from CPS you get the full CPS backup, “any part of the kit goes down inside or outside of warranty and you need it sorted that day we will sort it and get you up and running no questions asked, That is my promise to you – Chris Woudenberg.

The standard 2 bar test kit comprises of a XP2i 2 bar gauge with an IANZ calibration certificate, QTHA-2FBO Fitting connected to the gauge so the XP2i will connect directly to the supplied ralston pump.
Comes with a 3 foot micro bore Quick test hose and a QTHA-2TBO which connects directly to swagelok type fittings. So you can use this test kit within 60 secs after opening the protective case the kit comes in, the whole system is supplied in this case with CNC cut out foam to our own very own design (click on the photos below to see some of the kits we have done recently) being so modular gives you great flexibility for the future.

No worrying about how to turn the unit on and make it work. It’s so simple to use it doesn’t come with a manual!.

We can even supply this kit with a DPPV pump which allows you to test vacuum down to -90 kPa as well as pressure up to 2 bar. 2 bar not enough how about 7 bar, we can do that also, See options above. Or click here for the medium and high pressure test kits for pressures right up to 700 bar.

When the XP2i requires calibration just send in the gauge to CPS not the whole kit, need to do some work while the XP2i is at CPS for calibration, no worries we will rent you a XP2i to keep you in business!

Please click on the options tab above to see all the options available for these test kits.

Contact us if you want a special kit made up ie two gauge two pumps or more fittings just ask we can do it. No other supplier offers so much.

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Hyrdaulic 350 bar test kit, Pneumatic Vacuum Pressure Standard 2 bar test kit, Pneumatic Vacuum Pressure 7 bar test kit, Pneumatic Vacuum Pressure 35 bar test kit, Low Pressure Test Kit excluding fittings, Low Pressure Test Kit excluding fittings, Hydraulic 200 bar test kit, Hydraulic 350 bar test kit

Technical Information

1 x XP2i Reference gauge with calibration certificate, Selection of 3 ranges available 1 bar, 2 bar or 7 bar.

1 x case with firm cut out foam which houses the gauge, fittings and test hose.

1 x Ralston 3 foot test hose. We can do a 5 foot test hose if you require a longer hose – just ask.

1 x QTHA-2FBO brass connector

7 bar test kit

30 bar test kit

200 bar test kit

300 bar test kit

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