Tube Adaptors To Quick-Test Male

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This is our most popular fitting. Connects to Swagelok type fittings without thread tape or spanners.

By using an o-ring to seal you can connect up quickly to your tube connector already installed on your transmitter and be testing in seconds, without the worry if it will leak or not.

Available for ¼ 3/8 and ½ and now 6mm tube fittings. If you only buy one Ralston fitting then this is the one.

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Product code: QTHA-TBO


QTHA-1TSO-QD: 1/8 Stainless 350 bar, QTHA-2TBO: 1/4 Brass 350 bar, QTHA-2TSO: 1/4 Stainless 350 bar, QTHA-3TBO: 3/8 Brass 350 bar, QTHA-3TSO: 3/8 Stainless 350 bar, QTHA-4TBO: 1/2 Brass 350 bar, QTHA-4TSO: 1/2 Stainless 350 bar, QTHA-MTBO-6MM: Brass 350 bar, QTHA-MTBO-10MM: Brass 350 bar

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