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One side of CPS which is a little apart from our sales and calibration business is our rental department, which is handled by myself (Nick). I’m in internal sales based at CPS Auckland. Rentals is a part of CPS that has been expanding steadily over the last few since I took it over.
Below I have written a bit of a blurb on some of the equipment we offer as rentals. All these devices can also be rented out of our offices in New Plymouth and Fiji – Just let me know.

Also every single piece of calibration equipment listed is supplied with a current IANZ endorsed CPS calibration certificate, so you know you will be making accurate and correct measurements.

Here’s a look at what we offer.

Digital Pressure Gauges/Data-loggers

We have a large range of 0.1% of reading XP2i digital gauges from -1 bar to 1000 bar and onto 2000 bar. Most of the gauges have the capability to datalog as well. Great for those pipeline recording requirements.

If you need to log at higher accuracy or more events over a longer time than the XP2i then the nVision is your best choice. It can also log any combination of pressure, temperature or current with it’s dual inputs.

Absolute and Differential Pressure Measurement

Our Crystal HPC 42, is a highly accurate pressure calibrator, great for doing those pressure transmitters, We have the unit in our rentals with 3, 30 or 300 bar sensors. Plus an internal barometric sensor which enables absolute measurements. Or you can use any two sensors for differential measurements.

Another option is to use two of our XP2i’s connected in tandem with a RS232 cable. This gives you the option to measure differential line pressure as high as 700 bar.

Pressure Generation

We have a selection and pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps that can draw -0.85 bar vacuum and generate up to 700 bar. So combine these with our range of digital gauges or calibrators and you have the perfect pressure calibration solution.

If you have a lot of pressure calibration work to do then maybe the Ralston Nitropak portable calibration source with it’s own 210 bar pressure source, perfect for those onsite jobs at the higher pressure and a pump just won’t cut it.

Talk to us about other options we have for pressure generation and calibration equipment like comparators and air driven liquid pumps.

Digital Pressure Calibrators

Calibration tool box in the palm of your hand!
The 30 Series is a wide range digital pressure calibrator that fits easily into your shirt pocket. Its internal 20 & 200 bar sensors give you 0.05% of reading accuracy. Also the unit will read milliamps for those pressure transmitters.

We also have the Crystal HPC 40 which has 3 pressure sensors with it, 3, 30 and 300 bar so that can be rented as well along with our hand pumps and comparator for doing pressure transmitters. It is also set up for absolute calibration work as well.

Process and Loop Calibrators

CPS has a number of process calibrators for rent, including a Fluke 754, Fluke 725, as well as access to some Beamex MC5’s, so if you need a process calibrator for a shut or some project give us a yell.

We now also rent out loop calibrators mainly the Ametek mAcal, but do also have the Fluke 725, Jofra ASC 400 and not to mention the Fluke 754, so if you need a simple loop calibrator we can help you.

We also have a 24VDC Loop Power Supply which is a compact, battery-powered, loop power supply, ideal for sites where power is unavailable. The low noise regulated output works with smart transmitters.

Dry Blocks

There are two Dry Blocks for rent, a Fluke 9143P, which has a range of 30 to 330°C with its full compliment of inserts. This unit is the process version so has the electrical source and read functions for doing these transmitters and switches, as well as its own reference probe for the higher accuracy calibrations you may be required to do.

The second unit is a Jofra RTC 156 which covers the range of -33 to 155°C with a selection of common inserts, this unit is also the process version with electrical source and read, along with its reference probe as well.

HART Communication

To complement our rental business we also have a Meriam 5150 hart communicator, which is a fully HART compliant communicator for those transmitters you need to do. Better and easier to use than other communicators.

Don’t forget all the calibration equipment I have talked about above comes with a valid IANZ endorsed calibration certificate , ensuring you are making correct and accurate measurements.


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